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African-American Heritage Trail

The African-American Heritage Trail consists of sites that provide a historical glimpse into the life of African-Americans who resided in Fayetteville and Cumberland County. The hard labor bourn by slaves, the entrepreneurship of free blacks, the devotion …

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All-American Adventure Trail

Enjoy America’s hometown with an All American Adventure! Nature lovers and active vacationers – this is the experience for you. From bird watching and fishing at our many parks and trails, to climbing or skating at our indoor facilities, to experiencing one of …

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American Independence Trail

As one of the original thirteen colonies, North Carolina has a steep and varied Revolutionary history. The fever for independence spiked in communities across the state. Fayetteville’s revolutionary roots include the signing of the “Liberty Point Resolves” by …

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Antiquing Trail

Greater Fayetteville is home to over a dozen treasure-filled antique shops, making America’s Hometown a favorite destination for antique-seekers from all over. The antique selection you’ll find here is broad and rewarding, from vintage furniture to house wares, …